Useful Resources and References

To learn more about Diabetes management, products, education & nutrition, you may wish to visit the following websites:

⇒   Australian Diabetes Educators Association (ADEA)

⇒   Belmore Road Medical Centre Balwyn

⇒   Diabetes Australia – Diabetes Australia

⇒   Diabetes Australia Victoria

⇒   National Diabetes Services Scheme

⇒   Baker IDI Heart & Diabetes Institute – Diabetes Research Sheets

⇒   Better Health Victoria

⇒   Australian Diabetes Council

⇒   Health Direct Australia

⇒   Australian Institute of Health and Welfare

⇒   Nutrition Australia

   Abbott Diabetes Care Australia

⇒   My Freestyle Diabetes Management Products by Abbott

⇒   Accu-Chek Diabetes Management Products by Roche

⇒   Novo Nordisk – Diabetes Care